2016-2017 Kindergarten Curriculum Overview - Part 9: Bible / Memory Verse Handwriting...

August 19, 2016

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Continuing on with my brief overview of the curriculum we chose to use in Kindergarten, let's talk about Bible / Memory Verse Handwriting..

On top of everything listed above, we also incorporate the Bible everyday. After our morning prayer and say the Pledge of Allegiance, we cover a weekly Bible story and memory verse. So far, we've learned about Baby Moses and Jonah. I use a variety of books, videos, and coloring pages or crafts to go along with each story throughout the week. Since I want Sam to work on his pencil grip a little more than just a quick handwriting book, I also created a handwriting sheet for his memory verse. I have Sam write out his verse and say it every day. By the end of the week, he has had it memorized. It warms my heart hearing him say it aloud!

See below was our first memory verse -- feel free to click the image to download the pdf file if you're interested in using it for your kids!

Matthew 19:14 was our first memory verse of the year for no other reason than the fact that it's the first one to come to mind when I was setting up our first week of lessons. In the future, I might use the verse they use each week in his Sunday school class at church -- I'm not sure yet. I've also thought about doing a verse each week from the "Hide 'em in Your Heart" series by Steve Green. For anyone that grew up listening to Steve Green, you might be familiar with it. These songs are great at helping you memorize Bible verses. In fact, the Matthew 19:14 song immediately popped up in my head the second I thought about covering it with Sam and I haven't listened to this song in probably 25 years! Ha! While Sam practiced writing his verse each morning, I played the song (thank you, YouTube!) and we sang along. Below is a video of Sam practicing his verse halfway through the week...

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