2016-2017 Kindergarten Curriculum Overview - Part 8: Apologia Science...

August 19, 2016

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Continuing on with my brief overview of the curriculum we chose to use in Kindergarten, let's talk about Apologia..

Pictured above are the three Apologia textbooks that I ordered -- AstronomyHuman Anatomy and Physiology, and Who Is God? They're Christian and are set up to where you can use them for any grade between K-6. For kinder, I don't plan on doing a strict lesson plan for the entire book(s), but I'd like to hit different topics that may relate to what my son is learning about in his co-op class or if something specific strikes his interest. I got a good deal on the three mentioned above, so I grabbed them up and figured I could pull them out when necessary. So far, I've only skimmed through them, but I'm really excited about them! I've heard great reviews from friends and I know that Sam will be all over the Astronomy one! In fact, we may just use that as part of his daily read aloud time -- he's a total space junkie! Who needs a colorful short story from the children's section at the library when you have a reference book about Makemake (a dwarf planet that Sam could tell you all about)!?!? On more than one occasion, Sam has requested that we check out the big bulky reference books about satellites, planets and other astronomy topics from the library, so this is right up his alley!

For those using this curriculum, I did not bother buying the journals that work with these textbooks. I talked to a few friends who have used them and they told me it's not necessary and that it works just as well to have them use a basic notebook in replacement. So, I plan to have Sam do just that...

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