5 Favorite Chapter Books for Young Advanced Readers...

June 28, 2018

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If you have a young, advanced reader, it can be hard at times to find the right book. My son still enjoys the fun pictures books, but as a soon-to-be 2nd grader at an advanced reading level, it was a challenge to find the right books that interest him. Below are 5 chapter book series that my son has grown to love over the last year. He always looks forward to the next book in each series and they never grow old!

If you're not familiar with Magic Tree House, I highly suggest checking them out! There are TONS of books in the series -- 28 that I know of. Each one provides a fun adventure while also teaching a little history. I love all the facts tied into the books. When my son read the one about Ancient Egypt, it sparked a whole new interest in learning about that time period. Before we knew it, we were grabbing other books about Ancient Egypt all because of MTH -- total win! They're enjoyable even for little ones, too. My (just turned) 7 year old will read them to my 4 year old and they keep his interest.

Not only are the Geronimo Stilton books fun, colorful, and full life on the pages, there's also a cartoon series to go along with it! My son was first introduced to a random Geronimo Stilton book at the library about 6 months ago and fell in love. He was just beginning All About Reading Level 4 and wanted to find something along that level. We found one at the library and he was instantly hooked. They will make you laugh as you join them on an adventure in each book. Some even add a little history to the mix, which I love! Lastly, they vary between style -- some are chapter books, while others are graphic novels. Either way, they're a hit in our family!

Brought to you by the makers of Adventures in Odyssey, this is a GREAT adventure series! Always tied around something historical, you follow two kids as they go back in time and experience something from that time period. They also tie in Christian values, which I love. At times, this has left my son on the edge of his seat. Before he could read these on his own, I would read this to him before bed, and he would beg to read another chapter every time we stopped, ha. They're fun, wholesome, and educational -- what more can you ask for!?

4.) The Magic School Bus Science Chapter Books

The Magic School Bus...need I say more?! Who doesn't love this series?! Between the cartoon series and the picture books, we've been hooked on this series for years. We love the wild adventure attached to every book. Plus, the fact that there is a legit science lesson every book is fantastic! My son will retain more knowledge from reading one of these chapter books than a month of sitting in front of a textbook going through lessons. Even if your child isn't ready to read these on their own, I highly recommend grabbing these for read alouds!

If your child likes space-themed books, this is a great transition from picture books to chapter books. My son has enjoyed all that he's read from this series and thinks the drawings are amusing. This series is purely for entertainment (unlike that others I listed that tie in a few educational aspects), but introduces topics like being the new kid in town and learning to adjust, making friends, etc. It's a fun series and definitely worth checking out!

***There are other fun series like Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot, The Who was series, Matt Christopher Sports Series (my all-time favorite as a kid!), etc. However, I didn't list them as the 5 above are my son's absolute favorite!***

If your child has a favorite not listed above, leave a comment! I'm always up for new ideas!

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  1. We love Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus! My kids are still little so these are read-a-loud books for us and we just enjoy them so much.

    1. Lindsay, that's awesome! They're perfect for read alouds! My 4 year old enjoys when I read them to him, too. :)