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July 14, 2017

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Who doesn't love Paw Patrol!? I know my two boys adore it. In fact, as my 6 year old is slowly outgrowing the show, my 3 year old is getting hooked. It's adorable hearing him say all the names of the character with such enthusiasm in his sweet voice!

Because of our love for the show, I decided to make handwriting practice sheets for my (then) 4 year old. We love them so much, I plan on using them again with his little bro when it's time. To be honest, I might be the only one that isn't a huge fan of Handwriting Without Tears and ended up going back to these instead. While that's a great curriculum and I know many who LOVE it, it didn't work for us. In the end, whatever makes handwriting exciting -- I'm game!

Here's a shot of my guy working on his handwriting. I put them in sheet protectors and have him use dry erase markers (I prefer the ultra fine version) so that we can use them over and over again. We keep them all in a binder together for easy access. With that said, this was taken 2 years ago -- it's hard to believe the little man in the background is about to start using them! Time flies!

I hope to transfer all the files to this blog, but for now, be sure to check them out at my personal blog. I have links to both handwriting and letter recognition worksheets -- all of which are FREE!

Click the image below to be rerouted to where they're located...

Check back soon and I'll hopefully have all the files here as well.

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