Deals For July 16-22, 2017...

July 22, 2017

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I'm going to try and share a few of my favorite items that we like to use each week that also happen to be on sale or for a killer price online. Also, check out my Facebook page for more updates. I have found that Amazon will drop the price on an item for a day, then bounce it right back up. So, by the time I do a summary on here, you never know if the prices may have changed...

For July 16-22, 2017...

If you like Mo Willems, then this is for you! I bought the Kohl's Cares version of this for my boys and they LOVE it! However, it's a fraction of the size of the one on Amazon and this price is actually much better (it keeps dropping!) when you compare the number of activities available!

If you are going to be covering the American Revolution this year, it's perfect! Even if you're not, definitely check this out! My 6 year old son is LOVING Liberty's Kids! He's always asking if he can watch it. The best part -- this version comes with study guides! Oh, and you can't beat the price!

In our homeschool, we use dry erase markers a LOT! Between using them with a small board to do math problems, or with sheet protectors so that we can use the worksheets over again, they're always used. These are our absolute favorite! They just dropped in price, too!

My son saw this Crazy Action Contraptions #lego kit at the #greathomeschoolconvention and has been wanting it ever since. Amazon just lowered the price and is giving an additional discount once it's in your cart. I see a Christmas gift in my son's future.  There's so many great ways of tying this into your science lessons -- definitely worth a look!

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