Crazy 8 Jeans...

July 22, 2017

*Note: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Also, even though I was compensated for this post, these thoughts were my own honest opinions. I wouldn't advertise something I don't personally love for my own family.*
 So, as I've mentioned before, I'm an affiliate for several companies. One of which is Crazy 8 / Gymboree. I love their clothes! When I saw them on the list of affiliates, I figured I may as well sign up. After all, I already shop there for my boys and love their clothes!

Here's my guy in one of his favorites from Crazy 8...

I just received notice that Crazy 8 has recently added on to their denim collection with a variety of washes as part of their Back to School promotion, so I thought I'd write about it. Do you ever shop at Crazy 8 for your kids? I unfortunately don't have one locally anymore, but when we lived at Ft. Bliss, TX and Ft. Irwin, CA, I went there all the time! Their boys clothes are super cute and hold up really well. In fact, Caleb can vouch for the fact that they still look new as hand-me-downs, ha! With the sale on their New Denim Collection, I very well might have to go online with one of the coupons I always receive in their emails and grab some for the boys! I think I prefer their jeans over Children's Place, which is where I usually grab jeans because of their sales. Their Rocker style are our favs. It looks like they have a variety of new washes, which is fun!

Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

With school starting soon and (even more importantly) fall will be here soon, I'd definitely check them out!

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