2016-2017 Kindergarten Curriculum Overview - Part 6: Abeka's God's World K5...

August 19, 2016

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Continuing on with my brief overview of the curriculum we chose to use in Kindergarten, let's talk about God's World K (Abeka Science)..

For those familiar with Abeka, it is a Christian-based curriculum. Even though we're homeschooling through a public charter, I also wanted to add in a few Christian things here and there. I grabbed God's World K (Abeka Science) off of one of the used curriculum sites over the summer since I've always liked Abeka in the past. (I grew up using parts of it at the private Christian school I attended as a kid.) I must say, it's incredibly basic. I didn't bother buying the teacher's guide, so I'm not sure what Abeka's guide is for this book. Honestly, had I been able to flip through it before I bought it, I'm not sure I would have done so. This is a big reason why I ended up ordering the Apologia books. However, since we have it, I plan to read through it with my son, and talk about it slowly throughout the year. I figure I could also add this into our reading list when we cover various topics. Sam enjoys just sitting down and reading a chapter out of this at a time, so that's a plus!

Ultimately, I wouldn't put much stock into using this as your core science curriculum. I get that it's just kindergarten, but you might get more out of watching Magic School Bus and doing fun crafts to go along with each episode. Better yet, find fun science-themed books at the library and have fun!

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