Make It Rain! Science Experiment And The Water Cycle Lesson To Go Along With It...

October 23, 2018

So...I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but in addition to homeschooling my own children this year, I also added on the job of teaching others as well. I'm helping teach the 1st and 2nd graders at the weekly class my son has been going to for the last 2 years. It wasn't something I had originally planned to do, but I'm glad it worked out! With this new job, I will most likely start creating printables to go along with our lessons in class. With that being said, I wanted to share one that we used during our first week in class!

Our goal is to complete an experiment in class every week. What better way to learn about science than to get your hands dirty and play?!

For our first week in class, we covered the Water Cycle. We watched a video (see below), sang the song together (lyrics are linked below), and completed an experiment that helps kids see how it works.

Here is the video we watched as a class...

Here are the lyrics (feel free to print these for your own personal use!)...

For the experiment, we created our own RAIN! By putting shaving cream over a cup of water and slowly dropping blue water (created with food coloring) over it with an eye dropper, you eventually watch it rain! 

Excuse the blurred out faces...

The kids loved the experiment! When doing this experiment, I had my students working in pairs and using the worksheet below to track their work. Not only did this help them take note of their observations, but it also allowed a quick lesson on tally marks. As a quick way to count how many drops the cloud would hold, I had them use tally marks on the back of the page. Once they were done, they added them up and completed the front of their worksheet. It was fun seeing what each student took from the lesson when I read what they put under the "I learned that..." section!

I hope to add more of our recent lessons on this page for those wanting fun ideas. Sadly, I'm 2 months into class and just now sharing this, but here's hoping I can add more soon! If you covered the water cycle with your kids, what fun activities did you use? I love hearing other ideas! 

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  1. I'm so glad I came across your website today. My daughter is in 2nd grade and is currently learning about the Water Cycle so I'd love to show her the video. They have a Water Cycle play coming up. I have also been thinking about Homeschooling her.

    1. Oh, that's awesome! I'm glad this has helped! If you ever have any questions about homeschooling, feel free to email me at missingour3 at gmail dot com. :)