What Makes You Smile?!

July 27, 2018

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What makes you smile?

If you haven't heard, Gymboree has come out with a whole new look!

Gymboree Sale On Now!

After interviewing modern parents, Gymboree has changed the look and feel of their clothes to appeal to these parents in a great way!

Look at this cute little guy in his stylish outfit!

Even before the change, I have always loved their clothes for the quality of the material. The clothes last SO much longer than other brands and the look is always super cute. Now, they have announced that the quality will be better than ever and the pieces will be endlessly versatile so our kids can mix and match and create their own look! So fun! It's perfect timing, too. With school starting back up, all of us moms will soon be shopping for fall/winter clothes. This is the perfect opportunity to check the new look out!

I can totally see my son wearing this look to his weekly homeschool class in September! That is if the temps ever drop enough for him to enjoy long sleeves, ha. Either way, I can't wait to shop for a few things from Gymboree's new line!


With that said, Gymboree has asked us to share what makes us smile as part of their #MadeYouSmile campaign. This is such a fun campaign! We should all savor the joy in life and soak up those fun moments that bring smiles to our faces -- especially with our kids! I could go on and on about all the things that generically make us smile, but I'd rather focus in on something specific to today...

Our family has decided that after 3 years of not having a pup (our sweet basset passed away of old age in 2015), it is time to bring a little craziness back into our house in the form of a 4-legged sibling, ha. In doing so, we've also decided we want to rescue a dog from a shelter. Last time, we bought our pup at 8 weeks old and enjoyed all the fun (and madness) that comes with puppyhood. It's great being able to train up a pup from birth, but I also think there's something special about rescuing a pup and giving him a better life! So, we've been skimming shelter websites daily. We had a little hiccup earlier this week with a possible adoption, but today was the day that brought absolute JOY to my boys' faces. We went into a shelter specifically looking at a sweet 4 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Nothing else struck us on their website. However, we got there and while he was a sweet little guy, he didn't strike us as the perfect match. So as we were leaving, the boys ran ahead and I heard a squeal of excitement from my little guy. As they turned the corner, they ran across (what I think might be) the perfect match! There, sitting in the kennel, was a 3 year old Boston Terrier that absolutely won over the hearts of my boys. This guy wasn't even on the radar for what my husband and I were looking for. I love Bostons, but in our minds, we had envisioned us getting a (much) larger breed. However, I think that's all about to change. My boys had the biggest smiles I've ever seen as they asked for kisses through that poor Boston's kennel gate. They giggled nonstop, begged for me to take him home and said "HE'S THE ONE!!!"

Caleb's face says it all...

And, of course, I'm now noticing Sam is wearing a Gymboree outfit, ha!

We decided to do a "meet and greet" and take him out to the yard to play. The boys could barely contain themselves as they waited for Mickey (the Boston) to come play. As parents, seeing this kind of joy take over your child(ren) brings an indescribable joy and absolutely melts your heart! The pup was so sweet, the boys were in Heaven -- it seemed perfect. Because my husband didn't get a chance to meet him, I didn't bring him home (yet). However, for the rest of the day, the boys couldn't stop talking about him. They told everyone they ran across about Mickey. One pretended to be Mickey in the car while the other gave words of affirmation and loved on him (ha!). They nearly bounced off the walls with smiles from ear to ear just thinking about the sweet pup the entire rest of the night!

That brings us to now -- bedtime. After doing one more "meet and greet" to ensure that he's the right fit, I think he very well might be coming home with us tomorrow. If it works out, I have no doubt the smiles on my boys' faces will be there from here on out. It's the most priceless feeling seeing how much happiness such a little thing as a pup can bring!


This sweet story is how Gymboree's #MadeYouSmile campaign came to life for us. How about you?! What made you smile?! Something your kids did? Something about this new Gymboree line that excites your kids? 

There's so much in life that can bring a smile!

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