We LOVE The Science Comics Series!

June 10, 2018

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Science Comics Series...

Have you run across this awesome series?! I had never heard of it until recently. My son ran across the Shark volume at our local library and immediately fell in love! 


These are just a few volumes within the series...

According to Amazon, the recommended age range for the series is 9-13 years old (grades 3-7 on most). My guy just turned 7 a few days ago and is going into the 2nd grade in the fall, but he hasn't had an issue reading through the Shark volume. I love that it's jam-packed with facts and goes in depth on all things relating to the topic. Plus, the drawings are fun and keep his attention! In fact, my son spent the first few days just looking through the book and enjoying the drawings. This book has become his reading material for the 40-60 minute drive to and from hockey each week. Total win!

Note: I did have my son skip a couple parts -- there's a detailed image that would result in more questions than I was ready for in the reproduction section. I also had him skip the 10 or so pages about evolution, since we believe in Creation and plan to cover that in a study at another time. 

After watching my son fall in love with this and request more books from the series, I grabbed the only other one I could find while at the library last week. I wasn't sure if it would pull in his interest, since it's about plagues. However, it's been a total win, too! Except, instead of my older son finding interest, my four year old has declared it his. Ha! He will sit and pretend to read it aloud as he looks through the drawings and carries it around with him everywhere. In fact, while taking a nap earlier today, I caught him holding it in his sleep. Who would've thought a book about plagues could be so interesting?!

Since we lean towards a more unit study/unschooling/Charlotte mason approach to homeschooling, I love that these books could totally be the start of a fun study! We have been homeschooling for two years now and at the start of each year, I have this big grandiose plan of what curriculum we'll use for science. Within a week or two, we drop it and go the child-led route. I let my son pick a topic and we learn about it. This Science Comics Series is PERFECT for that! There are so many fun topics that you could use as a base and branch out into an entire study! I fully intend to get more this fall and use them in our homeschool. Between being factual and fun, my son can read it on his own and actually enjoys doing so! You can't ask for anything more than that!

If you have found something similar, I'd love to hear about it! I'm always up for new and exciting ways to make learning fun!

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