Dehydrating Carrots In A Fun Science Activity...

November 24, 2017

Who doesn't love an easy science activity that incorporates math??? In this guest post by Shannon Gauger, you'll find a project that can easily be done with stuff already in your kitchen! It's perfect for ages Kinder-2nd Grade and covers fractions while learning about basic science. In fact, I think I'll be incorporating this into our lesson plans next week after we get back from Thanksgiving break! Be sure to check it out... 


Dehydrating CarrotsWater is important for all living things. All living things contain water. Water is stored in cells. Like the human body, the carrot’s cells are filled with water.

Water can be removed from living things through a process called dehydration. In this science fair project, we will be dehydrating carrots to determine how much water they contain.

How much water is in a carrot?

Kitchen scale
Cutting board
Wax paper

1. Gather the necessary materials.
2. Wash the carrot and cut off the stem. Allow the carrot to dry completely.
3. Weigh the carrot and record its weight.
4. Weigh a small piece of wax paper and record its weight.
5. Have an adult cut the carrot into 1/8-inch slices. Lay the slices on wax paper. Place the slices of carrot under a lamp.
6. After two days, weigh the carrot on the wax paper. Subtract the weight of the wax paper. Record the information.
7. After five days (another three days after the first two days), weigh the carrot on the wax paper again. Subtract the weight of the wax paper. Record the weight.

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