Halloween Is Here Already???

October 30, 2017

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So, here we are...10 weeks into the school year and as busy as ever! I had started this new blog over the summer when time seemed to be a little easier to manage. Now, we're in the thick of things with the fall semester and I never seem to get a chance to get on here. Between actually getting schoolwork taken care of, hockey practice/games, art and gym class, and field trips...I haven't been on the laptop that much. In fact, I have been considering it success if I actually get the Moana Handwriting pages done each week, ha! I'd like to get more on here soon, though. A few sweet friends have recently asked if I had input on things like recommended book lists and crafts that I do with the boys. I hope to soon have a few posts along those lines. If you'd like to see something on here, please leave a comment!

With that said, are you ready for Halloween!?!? We're just one day away!!! Where on Earth did the month of October go?!?! I suppose I get confused when we're having 100 degree weather -- I feel like it's not fall until it's freezing and the leaves are falling. That's unfortunately not something we get to experience here in Southern California, though. Well, the leaves fall, but the heat stays. The Midwest girl in me gets rather sad about that, but I know I should be thankful. I'm sure if I was back in Indy where it's almost cold enough to SNOW, I'd be ready to get back on a plane for CA, ha. It definitely plays games with my emotions though -- I feel like having four seasons helps you get excited about the upcoming holidays. Maybe that's just me?

I catch myself getting worse and worse about being prepared for upcoming holidays -- at least in the craft department. For me, it's definitely easier to stay on top of things with holiday-themed field trips than with crafts. Give me a pumpkin patch or trunk-or-treat and we're all over it. Hand me a craft to do with the boys and it apparently collects dust. For the past year, it's been as follows: a month or two ahead of time, I think of all these great ideas of crafts we can do to celebrate...then before I know it, the holiday is over and we never did any of it. Last year, I bought several fun Halloween crafts at Michael's that I had planned to do with Sam (our now 6 year old). As usual, time got away from us and before we knew it, it was November. Oops! No worries, I thought. I'll just save them for next year. Yeahhhhh...we're one day away from Halloween and have we done any of them? One...just one -- and we didn't even finish it! I think I can officially say that while I have good intentions, if I want crafts done, I might need to resource them out to someone else, ha. They're always the last thing on the agenda and we never get to them. Maybe next year? Here's hoping!

For some examples of crafts we like to do (or try to do!)...

We did one similar to this last year...

Sam loved it! In fact, he loves doing perler bead crafts anytime of year, ha. I think we may doing another Halloween-themed one later this afternoon -- assuming we get done with school before we have to head to hockey practice!

I also really like the mosaic sticker crafts -- they're great for working on their fine motor skills. I had found some fun Halloween-themed ones last year for super cheap and finally brought them out this fall. In fact, the mosaic sticker craft is actually the one and only craft we've brought out for Halloween. Sam's about halfway done with it. He even shared it with Caleb (who's 3) and they've both enjoyed it. While looking for an example of this craft just now, I ran across a dinosaur-themed kit. I think my 3 year old would be all over this! Perhaps this will end up being a Christmas present?

If you love Target as much as I do, you probably already skim through the Bullseye's Playground (or as I still think of it as the Dollar Spot) section for fun crafts  In fact, did you know that you could shop there online now?! They require that you buy in bulk, but for some items, it might be worth it!

If I'm being honest, I've actually tried to avoid Bullseye's Playground this month. With how busy this month has been, I know I'm only fooling myself if I think we're actually going to accomplish such crafts -- at least not until we knock out the ones we already have. However, I had grabbed some Halloween-themed pom pom balls and pipe cleaners last year to make spiders, etc. If we don't do that this week, I can only hope we will next fall. Ha! In the meantime, I highly recommend checking it all out! It's great for cheap crafts!

Speaking of crafty items from Target, this is one item that my boys always ask for...

My boys love the Spritz foam stickers from Target. We always have Halloween, Thanksgiving/Fall, and Christmas stickers on hand. They enjoy adding them to their drawings and crafts. Oh, to be a kid again. Stickers are so fun -- especially when they have holiday-themed characters on them!!! 

The best craft -- and most obvious for this time of year -- is carving pumpkins. With one day left, I know I had better get in gear if I want the boys to have that experience! We have the pumpkins on the porch...now to crack those puppies open and carve out their favorite characters! Oh, so much to do, so little time. I think it's going to be a fun week ahead!!!

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