Lesson Planners: Part 2...

August 01, 2017

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So, I wrote last week about lesson planners and how I was still debating which route I was going to take. There are so many options and great ways to approach it! Well, after my little guy "helped" me organize our All About Reading flash cards earlier this morning, I decided I had better get moving on the planner issue so that I could start making lesson plans. After all, school will be here before we know it and if it's on my mind right now, I had better do it. So, I decided to go ahead and print out one of the styles that I had created for Etsy. (see below)

Even though our laser printer doesn't do double-sided printing, I sat there and manually did so. I wasn't sure how it would turn out -- if the dark colors would show through or not -- but it turned out great! 

I also decided to add in a set of tabbed folder inserts to the planner...

 This actually helped solidify the decision to use a binder vs. professionally binding the planner at an office supplies store. I realized as I was making this that I'm always carrying around my lesson planner alongside a separate folder full of the worksheets or extras that we'll be using that week. So, why not just put those in the insert between each week???

(I already added a handwriting practice worksheet for the first week we start back up...)

We don't always do school at home, so this will help save some time and hassle having everything in one place. The set came with 5 inserts, so I figured for now, maybe I'll plan ahead every 5 weeks. That way, everything will be there -- ready to go -- for each week. Then, after each 5 week cycle, I'll rotate them out.

So, there you have it. If you decide to make your own planner, here's one way of doing so...

*2020 Update*

If you've run across this post, here is my updated planner that I'll be using this year...

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